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My Journey

At the 2011 BSAM Conference, I was waiting to hear from my husband regarding biopsy results. We were hoping for the best and I didn’t share my concerns with anyone because we didn’t know anything definite.

Well, I got home from the conference and he got his test results the next day – he had cancer.

We spent the next 2½ months visiting doctors and surgeons, exploring all of his treatment options and praying.

It was during this time that I was looking at a bookstore ad and saw a picture that said “Journey” and thought to myself – we’re going on a journey I never expected to take. It was then that I suggested to the BSAM board that we make “Journey” the theme for our 2012 conference.

I am blessed to say that my husband went through a rigorous 8-week radiation treatment plan very successfully and his prognosis is very good.

And we just found out that we will be grandparents for the second time this December.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Vickie Stanley
BSAM Secretary/Treasurer