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19 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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Not sure how many of you Blog but I thought the following tips would be useful to those of you that do are responsible for newsletters, Constant Contact or other electronic communication tools.  Enjoy.  Betty


19 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Whether you have a blog, have always wanted to start one, or are one of the greats, these tips will keep your content exciting, your design fresh, and your readers coming back hungry for more.

1. Give your blog a layout makeover every so often.

2. Make sure you have an about page that represents who you are and what you do.

3. Organize your blog labels so readers can find the content they are looking for more easily.

4. Don’t let footer space become dead space.

5. Create an editorial calendar to keep track of ideas and post dates.

6. Avoid blogger burnout.

7. Feel like you’re running out of material? Brainstorm some content-rich topics.

8. Make sure readers are commenting on your blog.

9. Commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to engage with someone you respect, and for others to notice you.

10. Learn to use Photoshop actions to get that creamy ~blogger glow~ on all of your photos.

11. Be conscious of your blog photos’ names.

12. Know when it’s OK to use someone else’s photo on your blog or social media.

13. And also know how to handle when an image of yours gets stolen.

14. Effect15. Set up rich pins to ensure that when photos from your blog are pinned, all of the important information gets pinned with it.

15. Set up rich pins to ensure that when photos from your blog are pinned, all of the important information gets pinned with it.

16. Try offering an email newsletter to your readers to ensure active engagement.

17. Figure out how to turn your blogging hobby into a paid job.

18. If you make money from your blog in any way, figure out if you should be filing for self-employment taxes.

19. Take a class to improve your blogging skills.


More detailed information on each of these tips can be found at following link;

Essential Content for Church Websites

Include on your church website home page the following essential information in easy to find locations:

  1. Church Name and Address
  2. Church Phone Number
  3. Weekend Service Times
  4. Location of Services
  5. Email link to webmaster to report problems, normally in small type at bottom of home page.
  6. Photos of your congregation, visitors to your site are trying to imaging if they will fit into your congregation.
  7. Share a scripture verse, quote or recent sermon one-liner to start their day. Use only scripture versions that are not copyrighted by the publisher.

Pam Jeffries
BSAM 2012 Workshop Leader

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